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Life and Transition coaching is the process of coaching clients through life challenges:

  • Discover and clarify core values

  • Identify a personal vision and life purpose 

  • Order life around what is most important

  • Find more work-life balance

Life Coaching. Is it for You?

  • At a crossroad? 

  • Struggling with work-life balance?

  • Feeling more stress in work & life?

  • In a season of restlessness? 

  • Thinking about life after retirement?

  • Facing big decisions? 

The pace of life is causing us to question leadership, life, and career.

  • We find ourselves in seasons where we are searching for more fulfillment.

  • Workplace demands to do more with less are causing us to rethink our
    careers and work-life balance.

Employee disengagement, ranging between 67% and 71% in recent years, 
results in workplace negativity, reduced productivity, increased stress, and 
health-related problems. We are constantly asked to do more, better, faster, with less time and resources.

  • "Stress is so prevalent, and out of control, the United Nations calls stress the 21st-century health epidemic" (Robinson, 2013, p. 5).

  • "80% of leaders state coaching would help manage stress" (Baltes, Campbell, Martin, & Medding, 2007, p. 3).

  • Kaiser Permanente Reports:

    • 80% of employees are stressed at work.

    • 42% of employees have left a job due to stress.

    • Workplace stress estimated at $ 300 billion annually (Stress Management, 2018, p. 1)


The fast-paced nature of our lives and careers dictates that disruption is here to stay. Whether we are struggling as a leader or dealing with an ineffective leader at work, coping with life's challenges, or a season of restlessness, coaching will help you discover your passions, create your vision and purpose, and chart your course forward.

People seek life coaches mostly for the following reasons:

  1.   To achieve desired goals in personal and professional lives

  2.   To find their life’s purpose

  3.   To find fulfillment (happiness)

  4.   To change careers or start a new business

  5.   To improve relationships (for example, becoming better parents)

  To help live a life free of addiction ​(Olubiyi, 2020, para. 7-8)


How Can Life Coaching Benefit You?

If you sense that there is more to life and would like to explore where you are currently, a vision for your preferred future, and how to close the gap between the two, coaching can help.


Life Coaching can increase your professional and personal effectiveness by as much as 80%. In a recent study by the International Coach Federation clients reported most clients reported:

  • Improved work performance

  • Better business management

  • More efficient time management

  • Increased team effectiveness

  • More growth and opportunities 


The same study found that coaching clients noted:

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Enhanced relationships

  • More effective communication skills

  • Better work-and-life balance

  • An improvement in wellness ​( Olubiyi, 2020, para. 7-8)

It is rare in life for people to take the time to explore possibilities in life, especially with a professional dedicated to helping you identify, ask, and answer their most important questions about life, life transitions, goals, and achieving goals. Life coaching can help you take action to close the gap between where you are and your desired future.

Coaching is effective. Studies have demonstrated that individuals working with a professional coach tend to accomplish their personal goals two to seven times faster.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow.

Life and Transition Coaching is often a focus in and of itself. Yet, as one clarifies their life goals through the Coaching experience, the growth process frequently intersects with career and leadership growth opportunities and challenges.

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