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Learning & Development


A highly skilled and motivated workforce equals a competitive advantage. TRUE NORTH COACHING SOLUTIONS provides workshops that focus on building professional skills critical to success in today’s workplace. Our approach is to customize our workshops to the specific needs and culture of our clients.


Skill Development

In the workplace, people are constantly confronted with situations that

challenge their ability to work to their full potential. These situations and challenges can range from being able to effectively

handle angry customers, to working with an uncooperative co-worker, to balancing a heavy workload, to being an effective contributor on a committee, to leading a task force or to presenting a recommendation to a senior management team. 


People need to be able to skillfully manage workplace challenges in order to be effective, productive, and capable of working to their full potential. To help clients build a more productive workforce, we concentrate on the following three training and development client services:

  1. Leadership and Management Skills

  2. Consultative Sales, Negotiation and Strategic Selling Skills

  3. Instructional Design and Development

  4. Training Implementation

TRUE NORTH COACHING SOLUTIONS provides workshops which focus on skills critical to success in today’s workplace.  We believe in customizing these programs to the specific needs of our clients.  Our training & development practice focuses on three professional skills categories:

Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership &  Management Skills

This workshop series focuses on the knowledge and skill needed to effectively lead, manage and coach people to achieve their full potential.  Participants learn the principles and skills to help people achieve performance excellence.  Workshop modules include knowledge and skill development in the following topic areas:

  1. Leadership Coaching Essentials

  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness

  3. Interviewing and Selection

  4. Managing Performance Excellence

  5. Motivation through Delegation

  6. Giving Recognition and Feedback

  7. Professional Development Planning

  8. Leading Change

  9. Leading Problem Solving & Decision Making

  10. Project Management

Professional Sales, Negotiation and Strategic Selling Skills

Relentless competition, high customer service expectations, multiple decision-makers, and rapidly changing technologies are just a few trends challenging sales professionals. 

A sales professional’s success is dependent on their ability to effectively work up, down, and across the departments and functions within their organization; additionally, they need to penetrate and build relationships within key functions in their customers’ organizations.

The sales professional development process starts with an in-depth competency assessment using the Caliper Profile and one of three sales competency models.  Depending on the desired skills and abilities for their sales team, organizations can choose for the following competency models for assessment and development (Click on each for a PDF overview):

The Caliper Profile Assessment will provide insights into the competencies a sales professional possess that are strengths and competencies in need of development. 


Using the insights from the Caliper Profile Assessment, coaching is an ideal way to help sales professionals grow, develop, and achieve their full potential.  The development process can also be enhanced with training in the categories comprising the competency model, including:

Active Communication

  • Influence and Persuasion

  • Negotiating

  • Active Listening​

Interpersonal Dynamics​

  • Relationship Building

  • Organizational Savvy

Making Decisions​

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Information Seeking

Solving Problems

  • Learning Agility

  • Business Acumen

Managing Processes

  • Planning and Priority Setting

  • Time Management


  • Composure and Resiliency

  • Self-Awareness

Instructional Design & Development

In addition to workshops offered by True North Coachin Solutions, we help our clients with high-quality instructional design, development, and delivery of custom training solutions.  To accomplish this, we follow a disciplined instructional design and development process:

  1. Analyze the training needs

  2. Develop a training mission and goals

  3. Create an audience profile

  4. Write learning goals & objectives

  5. Analyze and outline training content

  6. Layout a course map

  7. Select learner activities

  8. Create detailed plans

  9. Produce media

  10. Develop the course or training program

  11. Evaluate the course or training program


In our instructional design and development practice, we commit to:

  1. Provide high-quality learning solutions.

  2. Recommend the best design solution for identified learning needs.

  3. Use of the right learning technology to ensure time-efficient and cost-effective learning solutions.

  4. Developing training that transfers knowledge and skill to the learner’s job.


To accomplish this, we explore all design solutions, including:

  1. Experiential learning workshops and seminars.

  2. Interactive computer-based training learning solutions.

  3. Distance learning alternatives including online asynchronous, e-Learning asynchronous, and Webinar synchronous learning solutions.

  4. Blended design solutions


Learning Implementation

Once the training solutions have been designed and developed we assist our clients in implementing their solutions.  To accomplish this we serve our clients in the following roles:

1. Trainer — Train the Trainer Strategies

2. Workshop Leader

3. Coach

4. Project Manager

5. Meeting Planner

Contact us to discuss how we can help you grow.

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