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Leadership Development

Develop Enlightened Leaders. Who Develop Engaged Employees.
Who Build Successful Organizations.

“A 5% increase in customer loyalty can produce profit increases
from 25% to 85%”
(Heskett, et al, 1994. p. 1).

What is the primary driver of customer loyalty?  Employee loyalty to your organization. 


Leadership Coaching Essentials lays the foundation for leadership development by developing leadership skills for building employee engagement, creating high performing teams, developing employee loyalty, and retaining talent.

We are passionate about helping people discover the leader within and sharpen the leadership skills needed to inspire professionals and teams to exceed performance expectations.

Developing leaders who inspire, demonstrate cooperation, and create a climate for motivation is the model for new millennium leadership   Why?  Research shows that leadership best practices that engage employees increase productivity, reduce turnover, carry over to effective project management, and client satisfaction, the secret to gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage in the new millennium.

Leadership Coaching Essentials is a workshop series comprised of the following topics.

Listening to Engage Others

The powerful skill of active listening provides multiple benefits to leaders, managers, and individual contributors.  Internally, listening creates the coaching environment and encourages employee engagement. With clients and stakeholder groups, listening helps your team members understand as well as anticipate client needs and priorities.  In both cases, effective listening reduces misunderstanding and minimizes roadblocks to meeting project goals as well as client and employee expectations.

​​Facilitating Problem–Solving Discussion

Encountering and overcoming problems is part of the everyday world of business. Meeting project milestones, curtailing cost overruns, handling and accounting for changes in project scope and scale… you name it.  Like listening skills, facilitating problem-solving discussions can be applied internally with employees and externally with clients and stakeholders.  Listening and probing skills are applied to helping employees or clients through the problem-solving process.   


Engaging Others Through Delegation and Accountability

When misunderstanding occurs on projects, confusion and conflict can easily result.  Deadlines and good will are put at risk.  Establishing concrete agreements with others helps to create clarity, accountability, and effective working relationship, thus minimizing, if not eliminating unnecessary confusion and conflict.

Providing Coaching & Targeted Feedback

Of new college graduates, 75 percent believe their organizations could do more to develop future leaders.  More than one in four of those surveyed ask for a chance to show their leadership skills.  So how do you attract and retain top talent for entry-level and other key positions?


Coaching and targeted feedback is a critical leadership skill for developing and empowering people, ideal for building the knowledge and skills of your organization’s future leaders. It provides continuous learning and improvement through self, peer, and management’s feedback.

​Turning Conflict into Constructive Outcomes

Recent research estimates managers spend on average 18 percent of their time—more than seven hours a week or nine weeks per year—, intervening in employee conflicts. Now, add the impact of external conflict.

Studies show that conflicts are frequently ranked as one of the highest factor affecting project cost. For example, on average, conflict arising during construction projects costs approximately $11,000 per incident and 161 hours of work time—consequences of poorly managed conflict.

Research also shows managers spend 30 %to 42% of their work time dealing with conflicts. The flip side to this dilemma is effectively managed conflict can be the catalyst to creativity, relationship-building, and turning conflict into constructive outcomes.

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